Aeration is the removal of small cores of soil from a lawn. It reduces soil compaction, allows oxygen and nutrients to reach the lawn’s root system and promotes healthy growth. Aerating can be done in the spring or the fall.

A lawn is a likely candidate for needing aeration if any of the following apply:

  • Your lawn hasn’t been aerated in more than 2 years. We recommend aerating at least every other year. Doing so will help to establish a healthy root system and allow your grass to thrive.
  • You live in a newly established neighborhood. Often times, new construction homes have heavily compacted soil due to construction equipment.
  • Your lawn is a high traffic area. Children, pets and lawn equipment can contribute to soil compaction.
  • You plan to overseed your yard. We suggest aerating a lawn before it’s overseeded. This allows the new seed a safe place to germinate.

If you’d like an estimate or would like to be added to our aerating schedule, contact us.