Fertilizer & Weed Control

A quality fertilizing and weed control program plays a vital role in a thick, healthy lawn. Our formula consists of a nitrogen-based, phosphate free fertilizer, a family-friendly broadleaf weed killer and iron to ensure your lawn maintains a rich, green color. We offer 3 or 4 application programs.

Three Application Program

This program offers more solid coverage than spraying only in the spring and fall as it doesn’t allow weeds to regerminate during the mid-summer months. We recommend this program for customers who do not water on a daily basis throughout the summer.

Four Application Programs

The four application program is designed for the property owner that is committed to feeding and continuous weed control in their lawn. This program has an added ingredient for controlling grassy weeds, such as barnyard grass and foxtail. We recommend this program for customers that water their lawn on a daily basis.

Spring June/July July/August Fall
3 Applications X X X
4 Applications X X X X

If you’d like an estimate or you’d like to be added to our fertilizer and weed control schedule, contact us.

Fertilizer & Weed Control FAQ

Can you text or call me before you arrive?

Yes, we can call or text you before we arrive.

Is your spray safe for kids and/or pets?

Yes, our spray is phosphate-free and safe for your family. We recommend that people and pets stay off the lawn for 3-4 hours to allow for proper drying.

Should/Can I mow before or after an application?

A lawn can be freshly mowed before an application; however, it is not necessary. After an application, we suggest waiting until the following day to mow. In addition, we suggest mulching your clippings for the first mowing after an application.

Can I water after an application?

We suggest watering the evening after an application; however, if the temperatures are high and the air is dry, we suggest watering the day of the spraying.

Will the spray still work if it rains the same day it was applied?

We conservatively tell customers to give the lawn a 3-4 hour drying time; in reality, an application often only needs approximately an hour to dry. If after 7-10 days the application was unsuccessful, contact us and we will respray your lawn.

Can it be too windy to spray?

We will not treat a lawn if the wind speed is higher than 15 mph.

Do you offer granular treatments?

We do not offer granular treatments. We have found that our customers have much better results with a liquid treatment.